SCU Services Biohazard Crime Scene Cleanup


When faced with the aftermath of trauma or loss, we understand the importance of not only physically restoring a location but also ensuring that lingering odors are eliminated with the utmost care and precision.

Some situations demand more than just a surface clean – they require a compassionate and thorough approach to restore not just the visible aftermath, but also the invisible traces that linger. 

Our staff is certified and trained to assess and perform the appropriate steps to find and eliminate odors. There are many techniques to quell odors that SCU implements, including: adsorbents, neutralization, oxidation, biocides, counteraction and masking. A combination of the above techniques is most effective.

Give us a call today as we work with residents and business owners to use our expertise to eliminate odors.

SCU Services Screenshot-from-2024-03-01-14-42-09 Odor Elimination

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