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Life’s Tragedies

We specialize in Relieving, Remediating, and Restoring in every situation.
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Julie Barsan
SCU Services handled a difficult and emotional situation professionally and with compassion. They provided clear information on their services and were very upfront about costs and process. I would recommend them to others who are in need of this service.
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Elizabeth Hall
Eric and Brandon are extremely professional and helpful!
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Cory Black
Great people to work with. Extremely professional and they do great work. Highly recommend Brandon and his team.
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Michael Constantino
These guys stay professional from start to finish! Communication stays open and honest . Highly recommended.
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Samuel Lange
Very professional and did a great job!! Thank you so much!!! Highly recommended!
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Wanda Lee
The level of care, professionalism, and respect Brandon and Eric have for individuals, families and their community is immeasurable. I'm impressed with the level of thoughtfulness and compassion they give, and greatly appreciate that they are trustworthy and confidential.
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Leigh Renee
SCU is the help you didn’t know you needed. These guys are compassionate in their mission in helping people get back to “normal.” In time of need, they’re with you to provide services that nobody ever imagines they’ll ever need. I appreciate their willingness to care for families after a tragedy and to respectfully and reverently assist in helping in the healing process. Thank you for all the work you do!
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Amanda Riggs
SCU services does a truly remarkable job. I’ve witnessed some extremely disturbing situations (at times even appearing nearly condemnable) and SCU worked their magic; you’d never know anything had ever been amiss. Highly, HIGHLY recommend. A++
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Missy R
I work with Brandon and he is always punctual, kind, and respectful. He cares about people and it shows in his work.
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Molly Gadd
I work with them professionally and their empathy, response time, and work is beyond quality!

Our Services

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Death and Trauma Cleanup

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Crime Scene Cleanup

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Odor Elimination

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Drug Residue Remediation

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Bodily Fluid Removal

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Unattended Deaths

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Automobile Accidents

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Did You Know?

There are Federal regulations and standards for anyone who comes across Bloodborne Pathogens? (See CFR1910.1030)

Most insurances pay for cleanup services due to the threats of biohazard?

SCU has certified and trained professionals standing by who specialize in remediation of all hazardous material?

How It Works

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#1 - Relieve

The first step in this process is getting us on the phone. Our line is open 24/7 and we are ready to schedule a fully certified professional to come work for you.

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#2 - Remediate

Once hearing from you we will mobilize and schedule the service right away. Our team has done 1000’s of jobs covering tragic circumstances, with every job you will get a trusted professional ready to tackle any situation.

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#3 - Restore

Completion is restoration. Bringing your home back from tragedy is not an easy thing to do, we are fully certified to and ready to bring compassion and care to every job. We guarantee full restoration and satisfaction!

We work with ALL major Insurance! 

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Our Locations

Our Commitment - Redeeming Life

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If you are a veteran or first responder please know we will make sure you get covered – Thats a GUARANTEE!