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Partner With Us To Help Those in Need

When tragedies such as death or suicide occur, families may look to you and ask “What now?” “Who is going to help clean this?”

For those times, you can count on SCU Services to be your trusted resource and valued partner. We promise to always do what is best for the customer each and every time. 

This is why we have built the trust of death care professionals, first responders, and insurance companies across Ohio and Kentucky. We understand the importance of immediate response, performing the job with excellence, and going above and beyond for our customers.

Trust is paramount to our company. When you refer someone to SCU Services, they have direct contact with the owners throughout the process. This allows us to serve our customers with a high level of competency and compassion.

SCU Services advocate Advocate

Knowing Our Story, Our Mission, and Our Values

We care about our partners and want to make sure all our advocates know and trust us. We are not corporate or a franchise. Our story, mission, and core values deeply matter to us and drive our company..

Has our Brochures and Marketing Materials

As an SCU Advocate, you play a vital role. You might know someone who has just experienced a loss or witnessed a traumatic event.  However, if you don’t have resources or a solution for them, then you can only sympathize with their situation.
We want to be a Value Add for your customer knowing that we are a solution to their problem. Our brochures and marketing materials will have helpful information to help them in the time of need.

Recommends Our Services to Those in Need

There are a lot of abuses and stereotypes in the death industry. As professionals and the trust built, you can be assured if you recommend SCU we will do all we can to care for the customer. A strong warm referral is what our company is built upon and what we believe is a better experience for a customer.

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We do a lot for the community. We want you to be updated and informed how we are making a difference and changing lives. Plus, we give away some pretty cool things from time to time in which you will be a part of.

How to become an SCU Advocate:

By submitting this form, a staff person will follow up with you in the next business day.Still have questions?  Contact us today.  We’re here to support you and answer any questions you may have at [email protected].