SCU Services Biohazard Crime Scene Cleanup


Got Questions?


I need help! What should I do?

The first step is to give us a call at (866) 614-1638 or email us at [email protected]

Our trained staff will gather the details, walk you through the process, and deploy a team based on immediate needs.

We will do all that we can to give you accurate information overlapped with great care for your situation.

What time are you open?

Due to us not having a physical store location, we are able to meet our client’s needs 24/7 through phone or our website. We understand most requests are emergencies and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Can I have an employee of my business or family member clean a biohazard scene?

Federal regulation states that no employee(s) can remediate biohazard without first:

  • Receiving bloodborne pathogen training
  • Having written BBP exposure control plan
  • Having been provided personal protective equipment
  • Having been offered the Hepatitis B vaccine and exposure evaluation and follow up
  • Being provided with a method to remove and properly store the bio-hazardous waste in a properly marked container for disposal.
Do you have an emergency hotline?

Yes, please call (866) 614-1638

How do costs work?

Costs can vary job to job due to the scope of work. Costs can be paid out of pocket or through appropriate insurance.

Regardless of method, we will not start any job until you are comfortable with the work being performed. You are in control, not us, and we want to respect that. 

Regarding the specifics of the costs, most of them can be summarized in 3 categories: Safety, Remediation, and Odor Control.

Safety would include the appropriate PPE to keep our employees safe. Safety would also include the expertise and training of the staff to be able to navigate the dangers of biohazard.

Remediation is any of the disposal or the cleaning of biohazard of material. We follow and abide by the regulations and standards set in this industry so that we can provide quality service. Using the best chemicals to disinfect, clean, and sanitize the affected area.

A nasty odor is the effect of a decomposing body or bloodborne pathogens and is magnified by the duration the material has been untreated. There is such a thing as “the smell of death” and it attracts insects from over a mile away. We have top of the line industry equipment to do everything we can to eliminate the odor.

Why hire SCU Services?

There are many benefits for trusting a professional remediation company. I can’t speak for them all but I can speak for us.

First, we have high integrity and standards in all our work performed both on the job and in our company. We truly care about our customers and the grief they may be experiencing. Care, sympathy, and discretion are the utmost priorities as we are trusted with a tragedy.

Second, did you know that there are regulations and standards for biohazard work being performed? If OSHA requires strict guidelines for training and safety when doing this work, why put yourself in that position. Don’t leave yourself or others in danger or a potential lawsuit if remediation is not performed correctly. 

And lastly, we have served numerous clients that can speak of our professionalism, our quality of work, and the customer service they have received from working with us.

When can you get here and start?

We have a goal to round up our team to emergencies in less than 2 hours from the initial call and drive time. If the request is not an emergency, we can agree on a time and day for remediation or service.

We will start the job when you are comfortable with the work that will be performed and a deductible has been made.


How much discretion should we expect?

All work is performed with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We would never give out your information nor details of work that was performed in the space. We believe that is your story to tell, not ours.

What service will you not perform?

We will not perform any work if our employees are put in danger or are uncomfortable with the requests being asked.

How long does cleanup take?

A cleanup job can vary from site to site depending on the scope of work. Most jobs average 3 employees working for 3-4 hours each. If odor is present, we will leave our odor elimination machines overnight or until gone.

Are you certified?

Yes, our supervisors are IICRC trained in Odor Elimination and Death and Trauma Cleanup.


How much do I have to pay to get started?

A deposit of $500 is required if paying out of pocket.

When working with insurance, the policy’s deductible is required.

Does insurance cover this?

YES! We work with most major insurances in covering a death or remediation of biohazard. 

We have found that most people feel responsible for cleaning and are unaware that insurance does cover biohazard work. We are more than willing to educate and start the process on your behalf with insurance.

I am a veteran or first responder.

First, Thank you for ALL you do! You are some of our heroes.

We want to make sure we do everything possible to make sure you get the best remediation possible and that money is not a problem.

How do I go about making payment?

We take cash, check, or credit cards.

Checks are made out to SCU Services be made out and given to the supervisor on site. 

Any cash given will be followed up with a receipt of the transaction.

Credit Cards can be accepted but we will add 3% to the payment to break even on the service charge.

Still need help?

Contact us and we will get your question answered right away!