SCU Services Biohazard Crime Scene Cleanup

Who We Are

SCU Services is a leading biohazard business that focuses on death and trauma cleanup for individual homeowners and places of business. Our certified staff and team are trained to remove all biohazard materials from a scene following events such as homicides, suicides, hoarding, drug residue, and unattended deaths.

Our Leadership

SCU Services Brandon-scaled About Us

Brandon Catchen


About Brandon

A little about your family?
Born and raised in Northern Kentucky. Married to my devoted and patient wife Ashley, since 2014. We have two wonderful girls, Darby and Olive.

What do you love about SCU?
As a death professional I am looked at for answers. SCU has been that answer to families in their time of sudden need. I love to step into a home, provide accurate answers and service. My hope for SCU is that a family would never have to clean up after a loss of a loved one.

What are your Hobbies?
The outdoors is where I go when I have free time; camping, hunting and fishing. I love my local sports FC Cincinnati, Kentucky Wildcats and the Bengals.

Favorite Books?
I am not a big reader but audiobooks and podcasts have been great for me.

What is my role in the company?
My role is managing the day to day operations. I work with families by being able to help them in any way I can. My roles include project managing, working with insurances and leading our staff in safety protocols.

SCU Services Eric-scaled About Us

Eric Northrup


About Eric

A little about your family?
Married in 2010 to my one and only beautiful wife, Kristan. Together we have three kids, Sarah, Sadie and Selah; and two dogs, Luna and Bailey.

What do you love about SCU?
The ability to provide care and sympathy to a hurting family. I see the value in our service as the family is in the beginning stages of grief. Our mission statement and core values is very important to me on how we lead and operate the business.

What are your Hobbies?
I love hiking with family, golfing, and doing crossfit.

Favorite Books?
A few of my favorites are the Bible, EntreLeadership, E-Myth, Traction, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Atomic Habits, Union with Christ, Master Plan of Evangelism.

What is my role in the company?
I see my role as being the lead Visionary for the company. I love being able to dream, pray, and lead people into something bigger than themselves.

SCU Services John-headshot About Us

John Parker

Vice President

About John

A little about your family?
Married to an amazing mom for 26 years. 3 kids. 2 married off and one still in school. 1 fresh grandson.

What do you love about SCU?
The care, empathy and compassion that goes into each family we interact with. Being able to bring some level of comfort to an otherwise very uncomfortable situation.

What are your Hobbies?
I like to bow hunt, woodwork, raise goats and get outdoors as often as I can.

Favorite Books?
The Bible, How Did That Happen, Pilgrim’s Progress, and anything about George Washington

What is my role in the company?
I am the champion of the system we use to run the business…EOS…to ensure things run as efficiently as possible. I help to simplify and improve processes. I am here to help us serve more families in need as we grow into other markets.

SCU Services Jack-Headshot About Us

Jack Hall

Community Relations Manager

About Jack

A little about your family?
Jack and his family have been life-long residents of northeast Ohio. Both Jack and his wife Joy are long-time law enforcement professionals and one son and step-daughter have followed in their footsteps. They have three other adult children who also reside in the area.

What do you love about SCU?
SCU is composed of dedicated and smart people who have a passion for ensuring things are done right. People truly come first and in every aspect of the business. I feel like family here.

What are your Hobbies?
I am a long-time student of the law and U.S. Constitution. I enjoy historical movies, home improvement and getting to the shooting range to improve my marksmanship.

Favorite Books?
Any book that documents our nation’s founding fathers and historical perspectives.

What is my role in the company?
I am the community outreach manager for northeast Ohio. I ensure positive relations are maintained between SCU and our partner law enforcement and community agencies.

SCU Services Ryan About Us

Ryan Schumacher

Cleveland Representative

About Ryan

A little about your family.
Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I am the Youngest of 2 brothers, both in the military. Reside on the west side of Cleveland in Westlake, Ohio.

What do you love about SCU
Being a Funeral Director, this gives me another opportunity to assist families with care and compassion in their time of need. When I was in college, I met SCU, and I wanted to bring their services and values to the Cleveland area to help the families in my area.

What are your hobbies?
Officiating high school sports, attending sporting events and being with friends

Favorite Movies?
Saving private Ryan, Top Gun, Rocky

What is your role with the company?
My role with SCU is managing the Cleveland branch and growing the brand SCU has created to serve the community in Cleveland, giving Cleveland a local option that they can trust!

SCU Services Screen-Shot-2023-10-13-at-9.46.35-AM About Us

Abbey Petrie

Administrative Assistant

About Abbey

A little about your family?
I just recently got married to Stephen Petrie in 2022! We are currently a little family of two with hopes of growing one day. 

What do you love about SCU?
SCU Services is dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s lives. We strive to provide exceptional service and we believe in going the extra mile to ensure our clients are taken care of. We are committed to doing whatever it takes. 

What are your Hobbies?
Being outdoors: hiking, kayaking, laying out in the sun. Enjoy hanging out with family and friends. Crafting and traveling. 

Favorite Books?
I enjoy reading books that grow my faith. Some of my favorites are the Bible, Praying Life, Discipline of Grace, and Gospel Treason. 

What is my role in the company?
I am the part-time Administrative Assistant for the company. I work on completing daily tasks including bookkeeping, phone calls, and working on our social media!  

Our Beginnings

SCU Services started through Brandon Catchen who had been working in his family funeral business for over a decade in Northern Kentucky. Through numerous and various opportunities in working in this field, Brandon saw the importance of his work and how he could be of service to families in times of need.

As knowledge of his expertise grew, grieving families often approached Brandon with assistance to clean up a decomposition, homicides, and/or suicides. Thus, SCU Services was created to be that answer in 2019. We believe that no one should clean up a loved one and have that be someone’s last memory.

SCU started to grow its reputation and quality of services in Northern Kentucky as Brandon continued to work in the Funeral Home during the day and SCU at night.

In Fall of 2021, Brandon and Eric Northrup, an entrepreneur with a knack for growing businesses, started having conversations of what SCU could be not just in Northern Kentucky but expanding into Ohio and Kentucky. Both decided to use their complementary skillsets to dream and grow a business that values people and provides consistent and quality work each and every time.

Our Mission

The impetus of SCU Services is that “we believe that no one should clean up a loved one.” This statement is integral in who we are, what we believe, and how we do our job. We understand how overwhelming it can be planning a funeral, calling friends and family, looking for important paperwork, all the while grieving the loss of a loved one. A call to SCU is a call to professionals who will seek to serve, educate, and have your family’s best interests at heart. 

This is not a job to us. This is a calling to care and serve those grieving the loss of a loved one.

Our Vision

The vision of SCU Services is to be the best biohazard company in Kentucky and Ohio, plain and simple. We do not promote a wide array of services like other companies. By focusing on this specific niche, we strive to build a trusted brand that police officers, coroners, funeral directors, insurance agents, and the public know and like. Our hope for every customer is to set appropriate expectations, meet those expectations, and go above and beyond the expectations. 

We are not a franchise, nor do we plan to franchise. Reputation surrounding customer service and quality work is everything to us. Our certified team is ready to respond at a moment’s notice as we know many are in need of immediate help and answers in regards to a tragedy. We are non-aggressive and will never do anything that you feel uncomfortable.


CORE Values

These are the VALUES that our company runs on, we never compromise on these commitments for ourselves and to our customers. You can rest assured that when SCU Services is working for you that the job will be done to the highest degree of integrity. 

SCU Services cropped-favicon-removebg-preview About Us

Complete Integrity

We will have the utmost integrity in all that we do from taking care of the customer, to billing, to finishing the job. Lying or stealing is unacceptable and will result in immediate termination.

SCU Services cropped-favicon-removebg-preview About Us

Problem Solvers

When problems arise (which they will), we will seek to answer and solve them ourselves, think outside the box, and/or consult each other.

SCU Services cropped-favicon-removebg-preview About Us

Honest Reflection

We will continue to look at ourselves, our processes, and over communicate in all things to make sure we are running a business with full optimization and care for the person.

SCU Services cropped-favicon-removebg-preview About Us

Consistent and Quality Work

We will strive in providing and producing excellent, repeatable service through every aspect of our business.

SCU Services cropped-favicon-removebg-preview About Us

Whatever it Takes Mentality

When push comes to shove, we ALL have the mentality to stack hands and do whatever it takes to get a job done on time and with excellence.