Death and Trauma

Our rapid-response team provides instant relief through our expertise and judgment free atmosphere.

We strive to care for our customers regardless of the condition of the home.

Our proven process is as follows:

1. We start with assessing the situation.

2. We create a customer centered plan of action.

3. We execute the work quickly and efficiently saving you time and money.

Here at SCU Services, we believe in setting realistic expectations and meeting those expectations each and every time.

Don't let clutter control your life.


The aftermath of suicides, homicides, or unexpected deaths are devastating for a grieving family or small business to clean up. We understand that death and trauma are deeply sensitive and challenging experiences that can have a profound impact on individuals and their loved ones. 

Our compassionate team is here to provide support and guidance during these difficult times. Losing a loved one or experiencing trauma can leave individuals feeling overwhelmed and emotionally vulnerable. 

We offer a range of services tailored to your unique needs, including taking care of the cleanup, working with insurance on your behalf, and more. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to helping you navigate the complex emotions that often accompany these life-altering events.

SCU certified staff and team are trained to specifically provide safety for all its employees, to remediate all biohazard from the area, and restore the place to its original condition.

If you would like to see who could be responsible for paying for a biohazard company, you can check out our blog “Who Foots the Bill for Death and Trauma Cleanup: Understanding the Costs and Coverage” or give us a call today. We would be happy to talk you through everything.