How Crime Scene Clean Up Works?

Jun 1, 2024

Have you ever wondered how areas are cleaned and sanitized after gruesome crimes, tragic accidents, or unattended deaths? Crime scene cleanup is a specialized service that allows communities to heal by professionally removing biohazards and restoring safety.  Companies like SCU Services are professionally trained in compassionate hazardous waste remediation.

How Crime Scene Clean Up Works?

Crime scene cleanup involves a series of specialized steps to ensure safe and thorough decontamination of areas affected by biohazards. The process includes:

  1. Responding to Calls
  2. Assessing Safety Issues
  3. Mobilizing Team and Tools
  4. Securing the Area
  5. Setting up Biohazard Barriers
  6. Removing Bodily Fluids and Contaminants
  7. Properly Disposing Contaminated Surfaces
  8. Safely Removing Dirty Things
  9. Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing
  10. Applying Odor Neutralizers
  11. Restoring and Remediating Structural Damage
  12. Stopping Mold and Mildew if Needed Before Repairs
  13. Documenting Cleanup Process
  14. Providing Certificate of Clearance for Occupancy

Explore The Procces in Detail

1) Responding to Calls

When emergency situations occur, police or building managers may contact SCU Services’ 24/7 dispatch center. Our trained operators listen attentively to requests for aid from these crucial informant entities. Details regarding incident location, type of biological risks present, and containment needs are respectfully collected.

2) Assessing Safety Issues:

Operators actively assess situation clues provided to identify potential hazards or exposure threats. They work collaboratively with informants to determine if atmospheric hazards like airborne pathogens may endanger remediators without precautionary equipment and protocol. Surface contact concerns are also evaluated in consult to ensure on-site worksafety.

3) Mobilizing Team and Tools:

From the needs assessment, the tailored response is swiftly mobilized. A specially trained remediation crew and all required biohazard mitigation tools are deployed from the nearest response base. The trained team brings proper protective garments, decontamination supplies, containment gear, cleaning agents adapted to the documented risk profile, and any other essential remedial equipment. Timely mobilization is key to minimize community health risks.

4) Securing the Area:

Once on location, our crew works quickly to guard the space. They put up clear signs and barriers to prevent anyone without the right training from accidentally entering and being unsafely uncovered. Only our certified remediators can now access the secured zone.

5) Setting up biohazard barriers:

Borders are also established around any spotted bio risks using special equipment from the truck. Mesh screening, plastic sheeting, and absorbent booms are readied to safely confine invisible germs and visible toxins within the isolated perimeter. This protective system watches over potential health threats to allow dedicated cleaning inside without spreading further.

Nearby air and objects are monitored as well to make certain surrounding areas also remain untainted before cleanup commences. Through fastidious containment by our pros, communities can feel ensured no unknown dangers wander from the welded-off work site. Comprehensive encapsulation upholds security and sanitation for all.

6) Removing Bodily Fluids and Contaminants

    Approved sponges, sheets and powders are applied by our team to carefully take in visible liquids like blood. Whether a small spill or big wet area, specialized absorbing tools ensure potentially sick materials are stuck fast instead of spreads.

    7) Properly disposing contaminated surfaces:

    At the same time, sanitizing sprays that are EPA accepted kill invisible germs living on surfaces. Our helpers thoroughly wet and wipe away contaminants where body fluids and other toxins touched down. Everything is surface dried to stop all bug growth protected by our cleansing.

    8) Safely Removing Dirty Things:

    Once absorbers are loaded and areas wiped clean, soiled solids must be collected and thrown in proper bio bins. Rugs, clothes and porous stuff contaminated are bagged securely also for regulated trash pickup to block further exposures. Proper handling protects everyone after the ick is removed.

    9) Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

      Our crew deeply scrubs all areas touched using cleansing agents meant to break down dirt and oils. Special soap cuts through sticky residue left behind to sanitize places the icky liquid touched down. Every inch is scrubbed free and clear.

      10) Applying odor neutralizers:

      To fully finish up, scent neutralizers take away any stinky scents that could worry folks later. Sprays with long-lasting antimicrobials are also applied to keep germs from finding a safe place to return ever again. Revisiting sickness is blocked for good.

      The areas are totally disinfected and odor proofed so communities can feel confident the cleaned spaces will truly stay safe and clean whenever used next. Our thorough treatments make certain hazards are vanquished for good rather than wait to cause new worries later on.

      1. Restoring and remediating structural damage:

      Any places where surfaces broke open or got hurt are sealed up. Holes in walls or floors get patched with strong filler. Stained furniture, flooring or moldy goods that cannot be properly cleaned are switched for new ones.

      11) Stopping mold and mildew if needed before repairs:

      If spots of mold or mildew took hold, special treatment fully removes the growing problem before it causes further ruin. Musty destruction is halted before replacing anything to stop coming back problems.

      The location is restored to like new condition so use of space can easily continue without risk of future deterioration. Past harms get fully fixed so the structure remains completely dependable without weak spots for future foul concerns to form or spread from again.

      1. Documenting Cleanup Process:

      Photos are snapped by trained cleaners during the whole cleaning process and after it’s all done. Pictures show the mess or damage first seen and the fully restored, cleaned space when finished.

      12) Providing certificate of clearance for occupancy:

      A report is given showing that thorough work removed all risks. This clearance certificate lets owners prove to anyone entering that professional biohazrd cleaning services makes it totally fine and safe to use the space again. A final check confirms germs, smells and risks are gone for good.

      Proof that independent experts made the scene flawlessly hygienic again puts minds at ease. Seeing the before and after directly provides confident trust that thorough decontamination successfully removed all well-founded concerns. People can now move back in without any worries.


      Professional cleanup services tackle an important job after dangerous or scary situations. They carefully dispose of dangerous trash left behind to return areas to safe places.

      Trainers teams work with care, respect and proper safety steps. Complete cleaning with proof makes sure no one fears for health moving back. Neighborhoods receive comfort knowing dedicated helpers rid allrisk completely.

      People feel relieved knowing professionals handled difficult cleanings of places holding sad memories. Communities can freely use locations again without concerning of unseen issues harming people later on. Areas are disinfected for good with compassion.