Homicide and Crime Scene Cleanup

Jun 28, 2024

Not many jobs are as tough as cleaning up a murder scene. While the police try to catch the criminals, special cleaning teams jump in to help. They carefully take away the scary germs and stuff left behind very carefully. 

This lets the detectives find clues to solve the case. At the same time, the cleaners respect people who have lost someone they love. Their kind work lets families and neighbors start to feel better after something terrible happens. It’s challenging but important work.

The Challenges of Handling Biohazards:

Dealing with dangerous germs and substances isn’t simple. The clean-up teams have to:

  • Wear special protective suits and gear so the scary viruses and bacteria left behind don’t make them sick too. Some can cause serious diseases.
  • Use strong chemicals to kill all the germs on anything touched by blood or left at the scene. They need to destroy any bits of DNA as well so it doesn’t confuse the police investigation.
  • Scrub everywhere down until it’s completely sanitized. Even tiny drops or smears remaining could spread illness later or mess up evidence collecting.
  • Be very careful taking all contaminated items and materials away to dispose of properly. Anything carrying infection has to be contained safely.
  • Make triple sure their tools and gear don’t take any germs to another job by thoroughly disinfecting everything used. Can’t risk others getting sick.

Follow all the important safety steps exactly right. One small mistake could endanger their health or affect the case. Lives are depending on them.

Protecting the Integrity of Investigations:

Helping the police do their jobs right is super important for the clean-up teams. They need to:


Not mess with anything at the scene until all clues are found and recorded. The detectives have to see everything as it was first.


Go through the whole place carefully with the officers to know what spots blood or other important things may have touched. Those areas can’t be cleaned too early.


Only start cleaning after the officers say it’s okay and they took all the evidence they could find. Nothing should disappear before it helps solve the case.


Be very careful removing any last bits the police point out that may give answers later when tested. Can’t risk covering up a single important clue!


Document every little detail themselves too so if questions come up later down the line, all the information is there. Nothing is forgotten that might account.


Work step-by-step with the investigation team so no mistakes are made that cause problems for catching the bad guys. Following the rules is a must.

Serving Grieving Families:

Helping people deal with losing someone they love is just as important as the other parts of cleanup work. The teams try their best to:

  • Handle any sad leftovers from what happened with complete care and sadness too. Showing respect for the person who died goes a long way.
  • Make the home feel normal again by wiping everything away when the family is ready. Being back someplace without scary memories helps start healing.
  • Make sure any counselors or social services the family may need during such a difficult time are arranged. Having extra support is so valuable.
  • Always remember how overwhelmed those in pain must feel. Doing little things like listening ears or bringing tissues shows them they’re not alone in their sorrow.

Why Are Qualified Professionals Essential?

Cleaning up terrible messes left from crimes or accidents isn’t simple. It takes folks with real experience:

  • Professionals get special classes to learn how to properly handle very dangerous blood and germs. One mistake could make someone seriously sick.
  • They carry equipment used by companies like SCU Services that know just what powerful cleaners and gear remove bodily residues safely.
  • Teams doing this type of cleanup all the time know exactly how cops need scenes kept for evidence too. Following rules is their job.
  • Background checks make sure those helping after death or attacks have no tickets on their record too. Families and police must trust the clean-up crew.
  • Companies like SCU Services are there for people during horrific times. Their training allows showing kindness to those left behind also.

Finding Closure After Unimaginable Loss:

Dealing with someone close being hurt or killed is unbelievably hard. Cleanup teams can offer a way for closure:

  • Taking away all signs that bad things happened lets families start making their home a place of comfort again instead of fright.
  • Knowing any scary germs or pieces are gone for good helps communities feel safe and calm inside once more too.
  • By assisting police and being thoughtful with those grieving, these groups help give importance back to memories of the victim rather than the horrible incident.
  • Professionals handle such sensitive work so survivors can slowly turn their mourning into celebrating how their loved one lived instead of just how they were lost.
  • Allowing areas to seek peace after violence or sickness means the ones left behind gradually find their way towards closure and acceptance of what they can never change.