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Death and trauma cleanup

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Death and trauma cleanup

Death is a difficult, albeit natural part of life. It can be hard enough to deal with a loss of a loved one when there’s enough time to anticipate it. However, when a loved one passes away unexpectedly from violent circumstances, managing the grief alongside the trauma can be overwhelming. 

The continued exposure to a traumatic death scene can be unhealthy both physically and mentally. By having trained professionals handle scene cleanup, this lessons traumatic stress and helps facilitate appropriate grieving.

We understand that no one prepares to clean for an unexpected death. Fortunately, there are professional biohazard companies such as SCU Services that specialize in the complexities of cleaning traumatic death scenes. 

Why Choose Us

Unparalleled Reputation

We have over 100 5-star google reviews as we have served the community. We have earned this trust and reputation as we seek to go the extra miles for our customers.


At Your side

We will walk with you and be at your side throughout the entire process. Our experience, expertise and personal touch will ensure you are never alone. We are here to help and serve in any way we can.


Cost Assitance

Not only does most insurances cover the cost of our services, they cover the cost of personal property and the renovation costs.


Industry expert

We are IICRC certified professionals trained to clean, dispose, and remove all odor while keeping our staff safe with the appropriate PPE.


core values

Complete Integrity, Honesty with Compassion, Consistent & Quality Work, Problem Solvers, and Whatever it Takes Mentality.


Release of liability

There are regulations and standards set in place on how to remediate biohazard appropriately in each state. See CFR 1910.1030. Rest assured that proper disposal will be done each and every time.


Peace of mind

Our major core belief is that “No one should clean up a loved one.”We strive to be the best biohazard company so you can be assured that the job will be professionally done in a timely manner – giving you peace of mind.



Got Questions?

How much discretion should we expect?

All work is performed with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We would never give out your information nor details of work that was performed in the space. We believe that is your story to tell, not ours.

What service will you not perform?

We will not perform any work if our employees are put in danger or are uncomfortable with the requests being asked.

How long does cleanup take?

A cleanup job can vary from site to site depending on the scope of work. Most jobs average 3 employees working for 3-4 hours each. If odor is present, we will leave our odor elimination machines overnight or until gone.

Are you certified?

Yes, our supervisors are IICRC trained in Odor Elimination and Death and Trauma Cleanup.

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Hannah Snyder Wernecke
As a funeral director, I know the challenges SCU can face when cleaning a home. Brandon, Eric, and their team do exceptional work with empathy and kindness—serving all of Ohio and surrounding areas. SCU Services is endorsed by Snyder Funeral Homes across our 16 locations and we are proud to recommend their services to help families. ♥
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Angie Doerman
SCU services were recommended by Boone Co officials at a time that I needed someone the most. I later called them back for the remodel. John and his team were exceptional. The work was completed quickly with no hassles by kind and honest people. Thank you.
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Melissa Jones
What a blessing Brandon and the SCU Services crew were to me during a very difficult time. From the minute I met Brandon, I knew I was in good hands. Very compassionate and most of all honest. I feel I have found a friend for life in both Brandon and Eric.❤️
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Gary Barnett
I’ve been dealing with Brandon and the guys at SCU now for quite awhile. Very professional and friendly guys that are hassle free to work with! 👍🏻
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Ratwa A
I called them to remove an abandoned refrigerator for almost 2 years with food in it. They were really great! They came on time, removed it fast, and they had the best affordable price between all the other companies I called! Plus, they actually gave me some extra time to pay! Highly recommend them!!
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Brian and Michelle Trees
SCU is an honest company when you need them the most. I recommend SCU because they are an honest, kind, compassionate, and fair company. They helped navigate the in and outs of an insurance claim for my deceased father’s home. I had multiple estimates and was waiting on the insurance company’s appointment. SCU offered to be there with the adjuster as they went through the home even before I committed to using them. I had two drastically different estimates. Although SCU was not the lesser, it was most realistic, and insurance adjuster agreed. They kept in contact as they completed each stage and was available to answer questions. They completed the job timely, on budget, and exceed expectations.
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Ryan Meeker
Awesome ppl. Awesome srvc
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Cole Frank
Classic group with great quality

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