SCU Services: Best Biohazard Cleaning Company

May 15, 2024

When traumatic accidents and deaths occur, it leaves more than just emotional scars. The scene is often contaminated with biohazards like blood and bodily fluids that pose serious health risks if not properly cleaned. As a premier biohazard remediation service in the Midwest, SCU Services is equipped to safely and effectively handle any biohazard cleanup with compassion and discretion.

Our Commitment to Service Excellence with Compassion

SCU Services is a best biohazard cleaning company that is led by their core values. Their trained staff and technicians have responsibly handled hundreds of cleanup situations and seek to go above and beyond expectations. We strive to deliver prompt, professional services to help families in this toughest time of life.

Our commitment to clients includes:

  • Responding within the day to a call
  • Utilizing certified Personal Protective Equipment protocols
  • Applying hospital-grade disinfectants and industry best practices
  • Providing compassionate, discreet service during difficult times

What Services Does SCU Provide?

SCU Services offers a comprehensive range of services to eliminate biohazards and sanitize contaminated areas:

Suicide Cleanup – We respectfully handle cleanups of locations where a suicide has occurred, removing all traces of bodily fluids and debris.

Crime Scene Cleanup – Our trained technicians use proper personal protective equipment and approved disinfectants to sanitize crime scenes contaminated by blood or other biohazards.

Death Cleanups – Whether at a private residence or medical facility, we sanitize areas contaminated by natural and unattended deaths with sensitivity and care.

Odor Elimination – We eliminate foul odors left behind by biohazards using premium commercial-grade odor neutralizers and air purification systems.

Trauma Scene Cleaning – Areas contaminated in accidents, assaults, or medical emergencies are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to remove biohazard risks.

Bodily Fluid Cleanup – Vomit, feces, urine and other fluids releasing pathogens are comprehensively extracted and neutralized.

Auto Accident Cleanup – The biohazards from vehicle accident scenes, including glass and vehicle fluids, are safely contained and removed.

Drug Lab Cleanup – For hazardous waste and contaminated materials resulting from drug operations, we utilize Level A Hazmat protective gear.

The Cleaning Process

SCU Services follows industry-regulated protocols to safely and effectively eliminate biohazards:

Site Assessment – A technician performs an on-site evaluation to determine scope of cleanup and appropriate personal protective equipment.

Containment – Using plastic sheeting, spray adhesive and duct tape, technicians establish isolated work zones to prevent pathogen spread.

Gross Cleaning – Heavily soiled materials are removed with shovels and brooms before more meticulous cleaning begins.

Equipment Decontamination – Pressurized hot-water equipment is used to remove contaminants from porous and non-porous surfaces.

Disinfection – EPA-registered hospital-grade disinfectants are applied with electrostatic sprayers to inactivate pathogens.

Odor Remediation – Commercial-grade neutralizers eliminate malodors through bulk application and targeted treatment.

Waste Disposal – All hazardous materials are contained, packaged and shipped according to EPA regulations.

Clearance and Validation – Residual surface samples are analyzed to confirm decontamination below detectable limits before release.

Choosing the Right Partner

Contact SCU Services for a complimentary estimate. Our years of experience, certified team and compassionate service make us the premier choice for biohazard situational management in Kentucky.


Whether responding to tragic accidents and crime scenes or natural deaths in private residences, SCU Services is fully equipped and committed to compassionately serving the biohazard cleanup needs of the Kentucky community. Backed by years of industry experience and certified technical personnel, we ensure prompt and professional remediation services to eliminate health risks from contaminated sites. Contact us today for a free estimate or in emergency cases requiring an immediate response.